Lightning Forms – Arrange Layout – Import and Export Form Designs

In this video, we learn how to export your SharePoint list form design so that it can be imported in to the other two forms within the SharePoint list. We learn some good practices around form designs and the export of the forms.

Each form design can be exported as a JSON file, and then imported into other forms. The main benefit of this is to keep the look and feel, along with some logic identical in each form: NewForm, EditForm, and DisplayForm. Keep in mind that some controls will be specific to the type of form. For example, an Approval Button would not be on the NewForm since the list item would first need to be created and saved before it can be reviewed and approved by an approver. So, typically your Approve button would be on the EditForm. Many of your Validation Rules would not be required on the DisplayForm, but would be on the EditForm and NewForm. So ideally, we would export the design after the layout is completed, imported into the other two forms, and then logic applied specifically to each form.

Exporting your design

To Export the Design of your form, within the form design experience, click the Export/Import dropdown on the command bar and choose Export form. A JSON file containing your design will be saved to your default downloads folder.

Importing your design

To import the design into the other forms, from the customization dialog click the Customize button for the form that you wish to import the design into. Once the design experience has loaded, click Export/Import from the command bar, and choose Import Form. A notification will display explaining that your current configuration will be overwritten. If the previous design was the standard form, you can always revert back by clicking Uncustomize form. However, if you have already customized the form, you may want to make sure that you exported the current design before importing the new one as a backup. If you are happy to proceed, click Yes. Browse to and select the JSON file that you exported. The Design will then be replaced.

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