Lightning Forms – Getting Started- Overview

Within this video, we explore where to get help with Lightning Forms, and also an overview of the type of forms that you can create withing your organization. The video is the first in the Getting Started series of Lightning Forms. In subsequent videos under getting started, we will explore launching the design experience, and navigating the options available to you.


Welcome to the first video in the getting started series. If you are brand new to Lightning Forms, we highly recommend watching this video and the other video’s in this series. Below, you will find documentation for what is covered within this video:

Getting Help

As with any product that you are new to, it is important to learn where you can get help. At Lightning Tools, we are dedicated to helping you to be successful with your project, so please reach out if you need us!

  • Lightning Forms Help Centre: The Lightning Forms Help Centre is where you can go to download a quick start guide, to watch all the well categorised videos and documentation, to ask questions through our support team, and to submit feedback or requests. Lightning Forms Modern Help – Lightning Tools
  • Go straight to a Support Ticket: Need an answer right away? Submitting a ticket is the best option! Please submit your ticket here explaining as much as you can about your scenario:

Starting Your Project

The first thing to do before you even open Lightning Forms is to get clear on the form that you are designing, and to create the list or lists that will be part of your solution. Lightning Forms is a tool that helps you to design your SharePoint List Form. The List has to exist first. So, below you will find some steps to help you with the list creation. If you are clear on that, jump to the next section “Launching the Design Experience” where you can begin customizing!

  1. How to create a SharePoint List (If you haven’t already) Create a list (
  2. Decide if you need more than one list! For example, you may want a Customer Orders list embedded on the Customer Form. We cover how to do that in the “Arrange your layout” series.
  3. Decide how your form will look. Envision your form! Once you are done with that, let’s get learning our way across Lightning Forms. If you are struggling with envisioning your form, reach out to us! We love helping remember!

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