How to install DeliverPoint

DeliverPoint is a Microsoft SharePoint permissions management tool that contains the following features:

  •  * Discover Permissions (Permission Report that runs in context like the out of the box reports, but provides end users with a more accurate representation of permissions. No Limited Access, Active Directory Group enumeration, and implicit permission reporting).
  •  * User Centric Permission Reporting (Display all permissions scoped from Web Applications to List items for a specific User or Group account).
  •  * Copy Permissions (Copy permissions in bulk between accounts across multiple scopes)
  •  * Transfer Permissions (Transfer permissions in bulk between accounts  across multiple scopes)
  •  * Delete Permissions (In Bulk across multiple scopes)
  •  * Dead Account Detection (Reporting and Clean Up)
  •  * Clone Site Permissions (Copy entire ACL’s between sites)
  •  * Clone List Permissions (Copy entire List permissions)
  •  * Permission Comparison Reports (Compare permissions across multiple Sites)
  •  * Inheritance management and reporting.

The following video demonstrates how to install DeliverPoint within your environment. The DeliverPoint trial can be downloaded from:


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