Lightning Conductor Add-In

Lightning Conductor Add-In

The Lightning Conductor Add-In is a SharePoint tool to rollup SharePoint list and libraries within a SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 environment. Using the Lightning Conductor, you can rollup any type of SharePoint list or library easily and without code. Common uses are to rollup task lists or document libraries. With the Lightning Conductor, SharePoint business users can build the views of their content that they desire without involving developers to build XSLT or Display Templates. Users can then refine the views as the business needs change.

Business Benefits include:

  • Increase productivity by allowing your users to find content in one place
  • Highlight key data using conditional formatting
  • Organize aggregated data using the multiple levels of grouping
  • Display results in grid format or calendar views
  • Save endless hours of writing XSLT or Display Templates


deshazologo“Learn how DESHAZO uses the Lightning Conductor Add-In to aggregate Microsoft Project Task Lists from across multiple site collections into a single powerful view in this case study

Additional Information

See the Lightning Conductor Add-In in action in this short video. Learn how to build roll ups of Tasks, Documents, Calendars and more..

Lightning Conductor Add-In Task List RollupThe Lightning Conductor Add-In enables you to build multiple views of rolled up content within the same app part. Multiple views can be created and accessed by users with a single click which saves space on the page and allows for different rollup scenarios including different list types, filters, or sorting options. Using the Lightning Conductor you can create Task views, My Task, Today’s Announcements, Checked-Out Documents, Calendars and more. Each view provides Shared or Private filters, multiple levels of grouping, custom columns, export to Excel and more. When opening an item for viewing or editing, your content loads within a dialog on the same page, no matter where the content is.

“The Lightning Conductor Add-In provides us with everything that we need to aggregate our Microsoft Project Tasks into a single view from across multiple site collections” Daniel Drennen – DESHAZO





Lightning Conductor Add-In Configuration

Using the Lightning Conductor, you can aggregate content using the Client Side Object Model, Search, or Office Graph. The Client Side Object Model option allows you to easily aggregate content from the current site collection, whereas the Search and Office Graph provide you with fantastic performance coupled with a simple interface to build views.

The Data Source tab within the configuration dialog firstly allows you to set the scope of your content aggregation. Choose from selecting individual lists within different sites or site collections, individual sites, multiple site collections or the entire host web. Once your scope is set, you can choose the list type, content type and child content type to include within the rollup. Optionally you can allow shared or personal filters, and set rollup limits.





Lightning Conductor Add-In View Configuration

On the columns tab, you can select the columns that you wish to display within the rollup. Select multiple columns such as Task Title, Start Date, End Date, Duration from your task lists. Drag and drop the columns into the correct order, set sorting, and create filters. You can also create calculated columns enabling you to concatenate together.








Lightning Conductor Add-In Conditional Formatting

Finally, build your  view formatting by selecting the data type, column width, column alias, conditional formatting, link column, grouping and more.

The Lightning Conductor also offers built in views that you can select or customise. These include Calendar views for displaying SharePoint list items within a calendar. You can also select the new Office Graph view which shows your relationship with other workers and documents.

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