MyTeams is a personal app for Microsoft Teams that provides aggregated Files, Channel Events, and @Mentions from the Teams that are most important to you.

Core Features


icrosoft Teams is often used all day every day to collaborate on files, communicate with team members, and engage within meetings. Due to the continued success of Microsoft Teams, and the number of teams and channels being created, it can often be difficult to keep track of files, events, and conversations that you are a member of. MyTeams provides an aggregated view of Files, @Mentions, and Channel Calendar events, so that you can see the information from the Teams that are most important to you in one place.

View Files

Every Team contains a Files tab with the files and folders that users are collaborating on within the channels of that team. If you are a member or owner of a lot of teams, it can be difficult and time consuming to find the content that you are looking for. MyTeams Files will aggregate your files into one place from the Teams that you select which means you have one place to go to to find your file!

Channel Events

Within Microsoft Teams channels, meetings can be scheduled. Unless you are specifically invited to the meeting, you may not know that it has even been scheduled. MyTeams will show all of the channel events in a single view from multiple selected Teams that you personally specify.


Every channel in every Team that you are a member of, has a posts tab. Conversations are taking place in these posts tabs all day every day, and can be overwhelming when trying to keep on top of the conversations. MyTeams will aggregate the conversations where you are mentioned and from the Teams that you select.

Watch a Quick Demonstration of MyTeams

Within this video, we explore how to add and use MyTeams to find the Files, Events and @Mentions from the Teams that you select. We explore the different views and how to navigate to the content.

Selecting the Teams you personally want to aggregate from

Using MyTeams, you can select from the Teams that you are a member and wish to see information from. This can be done independently for Files, Events, and Mentions.

Viewing Events in One PLace

With MyTeams, finding events that are taking place within Teams channels is easy. Navigate to the MyTeams app, and view all of the Events categorized by Team. You can view user presence, and join the meetings directly from this view without navigating from Team to Team.

Viewing @Mentions

Once you’ve selected the Teams that are most important to you, you can view conversations where you are @mentioned all in one place. From there, you can navigate to the conversation quickly by clicking the View in Teams button.

Viewing Files

Rather than navigate Team to Team, all of your favourite Teams can be included within the Files view. All the folders and files will be visible in one place but grouped by the Team in which they are in.