Social Squared Global Configurations

In the Social Squared modern web part for SharePoint Online, there are several features that you can enable or configure for your entire tenant. We refer to these as Global Configurations. Some of these configurations are done using PowerShell, and some using Power Automate.

Global Anonymous Disable

This feature, added in version (April 2023), uses PowerShell to allow you to disable Anonymous posting for your entire tenant (i.e. all instances of Social Squard). Please see our Knowledge Base article on this topic: Social Squared Anonymous posting (

Global Observer

This feature, added in version (April 2023), uses PowerShell to allow you to specify an account to receive notifications of all Social Squared posts within the tenant. It’s designed for clients in regulated industries or which have a worker council that requires an audit trail of all forum posts. Please see this Knowledge Base article for details: Social Squared Global Observer (

Global Terms & Conditions

Social Squared allows you to add Terms and Conditions text within the Settings panel for each Social Squared instance you create. In version (December 2022) we added a feature that allows you to set Terms & Conditions for forum participants to accept in all forum instances throughout your organization.

Digest Email

This feature, added in version (April 2023), uses a Power Automate workflow to periodically email a list of new posts to people who have subscribed to Digest Emails. Learn how to install and configure this in these Knowledge Base articles:

Social Squared Online Digest emails (

Social Squared Online Digest Email workflow details (

Chat GPT integration

This feature was added in version (April 2023). To allow Chat GPT (AI) to help you answer questions in your forums, or summarize entire forum Topics, you’ll need to either provide an account key within the Social Squared web part settings panel, or use Power Automate to integrate this without displaying your key.

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