Social Squared Approve & Reject Posts

In this video, you will learn how you can approve and reject posts as a forum moderator.

Social Squared – Approve Posts as a Moderator

To approve posts as a moderator:

  1. When you navigate to Social Squared, you will receive a red message indicating that there are posts for you to approve. You may also have linked to Social Squared from the email indicating that there are posts for you to review.
  2. Click the burger menu, and choose Moderation.
  3. You can then review any posts that require moderating.
  4. Within the post, choose the ellipses in the bottom right corner, and choose Approve or Decline.

Note that you may also perform other tasks as a moderator. You can Edit the post, Delete the post, or move the post to another forum as we did in this video. To move the post, you can choose the ‘Move Topic’ option.

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