Lightning Forms Webinar

In this Lightning Tools webinar, Brett Lonsdale demonstrates how Lightning Forms can be used to build powerful SharePoint forms in SharePoint Online. We use Lightning Forms to transform an ordinary SharePoint list to a well designed business form using custom actions, cross site cascading lookups, embedded sub lists, secured form sections and improved styling and conditional formatting. We also look at the Lightning Tools Document Generator to build Microsoft Word documents from a SharePoint list, and Lightning List Actions to create custom buttons in SharePoint lists to perform bulk actions.

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This is not helpful for simpler more pedestrian situations.

This webinar does demonstrate a somewhat complex scenario, to show what Lightning Forms is capable of. More basic information about Lightning Forms usage can be found in our Help Center:

I am ready to build some Lightning Forms (LF), but there is one piece I am unclear about. If I add five Content Types (CT) to a list, how does LF handle them. Are CTs and their fields rolled seamlessly together in the background ? Are the fields of the five CTs available together at one time in Webparts? Or conversely, should I use a single, very large CT with many fields? Thanks, Sandy

Thanks for your question, George. At this time, modern Lightning Forms does not support multiple content types in a single list. If you have different columns that you wish to display under different circumstances or to different people, you can set the Visible property of columns to only be true in certain conditions.

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