Social Squared Webinar Recording

Brett Lonsdale from Lightning Tools presents a new version of Social Squared for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Social Squared is a comprehensive forum solution that enables organizations to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among their employees, customers, and partners. In this webinar, we showcased the exciting new features of Social Squared, including integration with ChatGPT, Adaptive Cards, Digest email notifications, improved settings panel, import and export configuration, and forum level settings. The integration with ChatGPT provides users with an intelligent and intuitive way to summarise and reply within the forum, making it easier than ever to find relevant information and engage with other users. With Adaptive Cards, users can create visually appealing and dynamic content that can be displayed within email notifications and post tabs within Teams. We have also made significant improvements to the settings panel, making it easier for administrators to manage the forum configuration and settings. Additionally, the new import and export functionality enables administrators to easily transfer forum data between instances, making it simpler to migrate to a new environment. Finally, with the new forum level settings, administrators can now apply specific settings and configurations to individual forums within their instance, allowing for greater flexibility and control.

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