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SharePoint Permission Management for the Business User

Dealing with user management within your SharePoint environment can be one of the most frustrating challenges for administrators.  Also trying to manage these users and permissions and can have legal implications in the area of compliance. All of this with the added benefit of advanced permissions reporting to aid administrative overhead. Lightning Tools DeliverPoint 2010 can help to make these tasks easier for everyone involved.

• Empower Site Owners and Site Collection Owners to report on permissions

• Take the permissions management headache away from IT

• Allow SharePoint Administrators to report on permissions across the Farm

• Effectively Manage Permissions

• Clean up old user accounts

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Permissions Management using different groups including Active DirectoryUsing DeliverPoint Permissions Management, your Site Administrators and Site Collection Administrators can find out exactly who has permissions to the given site, and find out how they received the permission. With DeliverPoint even Active Directory groups show up in the Permission Reports so you can see all of the users and not just those that have been granted permissions directly or through SharePoint groups.






Copy, Transfer and Delete permissions between users or groups for any selected Site, Site Collection, Web Application or Farm




Using DeliverPoint you can Copy, Transfer and Delete permissions between users or groups for any selected Site, Site Collection, Web Application or Farm.

If a user leaves your organization, it can take a lot of effort and time to find where they had permissions, and then more time to go and remove them. Using DeliverPoint you could transfer the permissions to another user across the entire farm in a matter of seconds.



Compare Permissions Across SitesWhy can I access this site but not the other? This is quite a common question. With DeliverPoint Permissions Management you can select multiple sites using the tree-view, and then compare permissions across the selected sites.

Meanwhile, our tree-view shows you clearly which sites inherit permissions and which sites have broken permission inheritance.





Get Permission Reports EasilyDeliverPoint is a fully integrated and in-context SharePoint permissions reporting and management tool designed for site administrators and site collection administrators. You don’t need to navigate anywhere else or open another tool to get a permission report.







Get Permission Reports at even the Object LevelAs well as reporting who has permissions to SharePoint Team Sites, Lists, Libraries, Folders and List Items. DeliverPoint will tell you which of these objects a specific person has access to. Using the Unique Permissions Report, DeliverPoint will show you the groups the user is a member of which includes SharePoint groups as well as Active Directory groups. The unique permissions report will also show you all of the Site Permissions, List Permissions and List Item Permissions that the user has and how the permission was granted.







Dead Account Reporting is Easy tooDeliverPoint Dead Account reporting will show you all of your users or groups that still have permissions within SharePoint even though they have since been removed from the Active Directory. You can report on these accounts and remove them in one click.

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