DeliverPoint Permissions Release

Welcome to version of DeliverPoint. This month (August 2022), we have a lot of refinements and new features available within DeliverPoint which include:

  • Integrated Getting Started Guide
  • My Owned Site Collections
  • Discover Usage
  • Scheduled Permission Reports
  • Clone and Modify Report Templates
  • Refresh Reports
  • External User highlighting
  • More user friendly

Getting Started Integrated Help

We have integrated a getting started guide in DeliverPoint! We understand the importance of contextual help over sending you across to our website, to read a technical manual that would be out of context. Our getting started guide provides you with the basics, so that you can find your way around DeliverPoint easily, with an understanding of each of the permission reports and permission management features. From within the DeliverPoint user experience, you can access the Getting Started help guide, link out to our Help centre, submit a support ticket, suggest a feature, and Give Feedback. The feedback features will help us to keep providing a product that helps you work with permissions more efficiently.

Integrated Getting Started Guide in DeliverPoint Permissions
Integrated Getting Started Guide in DeliverPoint Permissions

My Owned Site Collections

The new ‘My Owned Site Collections’ view lists the top-level sites – including Classic Site Collections, Hub Sites, Modern SharePoint Sites, and Teams – that you are an owner of. You can then select one or more of your site collections, run reports such as Discover Permissions, Shared Links, or Unique Objects upon that selection, and also perform permission changes using Actions such as Copy Permissions, Transfer Permissions, and Delete Permissions.

My Owned Site Collections Report in DeliverPoint
My Owned Site Collections Report in DeliverPoint

Discover Usage

We sometimes create SharePoint Sites or Teams sites that just don’t get engagement. Using the new ‘Discover Usage’ report, you’ll be able to determine how much your Sites, Teams, and Files are being used, if at all. You could then make the decision to remove the Site, or report on and manage permissions with that site or file being the scope. Permissions could have been the cause for low engagement, so reporting on and managing permissions on those objects could improve traction.

Discover Usage Report in DeliverPoint

Scheduled Permission Reports

With DeliverPoint, you can now optionally implement some server and Azure applications (hosted within your own Azure tenant) which will provide you with the ability to schedule Discover Permissions, Sharing Links, and Unique Permission Reports. Once the applications are implemented by your tenant administrators, the Schedule button will light up within DeliverPoint. When a scheduled report is ready, you’ll find it within the specified Document Library as an Excel Document. Site Owners can then peruse the reports as part of an auditing process.

Scheduled Permission Reports in DeliverPoint
Scheduled Permission Reports in DeliverPoint

Clone and Modify Report Templates

Each report in DeliverPoint can be saved as a template allowing you to easily access your reports, and run them on demand within a couple of clicks. We’ve now implemented the ability to clone those report templates, change the scope to another site or site collection, and make modifications to the options and refinements for those reports.

Clone & Modify Report Templates in DeliverPoint
Clone & Modify Report Templates in DeliverPoint

Refresh Reports

DeliverPoint has always offered contextual permission reports that allow changes from within the report itself. After making changes such as Delete Permissions, you’d need to trigger that report again to ensure the changes are made to your satisfaction. Now, you can simply click ‘Refresh’ which saves you from re-selecting the scope and options prior to running the report.

Refresh Permission Reports after changes in DeliverPoint
Refresh Permission Reports after changes in DeliverPoint

External Users

External Users as well as internal users are always displayed in DeliverPoints permission reports. To make an External User more obvious, we decided that we’d display them in italics. Note the three ‘Brett Lonsdale’ accounts in the below image. The third is an External User. Upon hovering over the Avatar, the people card would display whereby I could see the email address associated with the External User.

More User Friendly

We’ve overhauled the user interface of DeliverPoint to ensure that it is self-explanatory to use. Each option now has improved inline help bubbles and tooltips so that the user can make more informed decisions. You’ll find subtle layout changes to many of the reports which we think you’ll find will be welcomed changes.

User Friendly Options in DeliverPoint
User-Friendly Options in DeliverPoint

To learn more about the refinements, register for our webinar on the 25th August 2022 by clicking the Register button below.

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