Exciting New Features in Lightning Forms Suite!

Exciting New Features in Lightning Forms Suite!

We are thrilled to unveil the latest updates to the Lightning Forms Suite! This comprehensive suite, comprising Lightning Forms, Lightning Tools Actions, and Document Generator, is designed to enhance your SharePoint list experience with powerful, intuitive, and contextual tools. Our latest release introduces several new features and improvements that will make your SharePoint form-building and form completing more efficient and enjoyable.

Understanding the Lightning Forms Suite

Lightning Forms: Intuitive and Powerful Form Design Tool

Lightning Forms is a modern, powerful, and intuitive form design tool for SharePoint lists. It enables Site Owners to build business forms such as Purchase Order forms or Employee Leave forms with ease. Key features of Lightning Forms include:

  • Styling Options: Customize the appearance of your forms to match your branding.
  • Flexible Layouts: Arrange the layout of the side panel forms into multiple columns and tabs to make the best use of space.
  • Advanced Calculations: Add calculations to automate data entry and ensure accuracy.
  • Field Management: Hide or disable fields based on user input or other conditions to streamline the form-filling process.
  • Actions: Add actions such as sending emails or updating field values directly from the form.
  • Sublist Embedding: Embed sublists for one-to-many type joins to provide a comprehensive view of related list data.

Lightning Tools Actions: Workflow Automation

Lightning Tools Actions allows you to create action sequences to automate repetitive tasks. These sequences can be applied to batches of list items and triggered from the list command bar. Key functionalities include:

  • Email Automation: Send emails based on specific triggers or conditions.
  • Field Updates: Automatically update field values without manual intervention.
  • Form Management: Open forms or create list items as part of an action sequence.
  • Web Part Integration: Add Lightning Tools Action buttons to web part pages for easy access.

Document Generator: Microsoft Word Document Creation

The Document Generator is a premium action that allows you to convert list items into Word documents. This feature is ideal for distributing documents, printing, and storing document versions of list item forms. It ensures that data from SharePoint lists can be easily transformed into formal documents for various business needs.

New Features in Lightning Forms

We’re excited to introduce several new features in Lightning Forms that enhance its functionality and usability:

File Viewer Control

Introducing the new File Viewer control, which allows you to display a document directly within the form. This feature is perfect for scenarios where users need to reference a document while filling out a form, such as reviewing a policy document while submitting a compliance report.

The below image shows a tabbed control with an embedded Word Document containing instructions on how to complete the form.

File Viewer Control in Lightning Forms by Lightning Tools

Scope Action for Improved Error Handling

Our new Scope Action feature provides a scope around multiple actions, improving error handling and ensuring smoother execution of complex action sequences. This addition makes it easier to manage and troubleshoot actions within your forms.

The Scope Action below is containing a Save Form Action and a Send Email Action. If either of these two actions cannot be successful, the ‘Has Failed’ Action will fire. If successful, then the ‘Is Successful’ action will fire. This saves you from adding exception handling to individual actions and improves the performance of the actions.

Improved CAML Builder

The Action Builder now includes an improved CAML builder, making it simpler to create and manage CAML queries. This enhancement will help you build more sophisticated queries with ease, enhancing the functionality of your forms.

The image below illustrates the CAML builder within the ‘GetItems’ Action.

Debug Mode

Debug Mode is here to help you troubleshoot actions directly in the browser. This feature allows you to identify and resolve issues more efficiently, ensuring your forms and actions run smoothly.

Has Permission Placeholder

The Has Permission placeholder is a new addition that checks the permissions of the current user. This feature ensures that actions and fields are only available to users with the appropriate permissions, enhancing the security and functionality of your forms.

These user centric placeholders allow you to determine the permission of the current user for scenarios such as hiding fields, or checking permissions for creating sub items.

New Premium Actions in Lightning Forms and List Actions

Merge Documents

Our new Merge Documents action allows you to merge multiple Word documents into a single document. This feature is perfect for compiling reports, combining proposals, or any other scenario where you need to consolidate multiple documents into one.

Notice from the image below that the Merge Word Documents action can be created dynamically.

PDF Converter

The new PDF Converter action enables you to convert Word documents to PDF. This feature is ideal for creating final versions of documents for distribution, ensuring they are in a universally accessible format.

Download a Trial

Ready to learn more? Download the latest version of Lightning Forms Suite now and start taking advantage of these exciting new features. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us and join our community for the latest news and tips.

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