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Data visualization in today’s data-driven world is necessary for businesses to make well-informed decisions, and in SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, users often need to present data from SharePoint lists or external sources in a clear and visually attractive way. To meet this demand, we have created the Data Viewer web part. This blog post will highlight how the Data Viewer web part streamlines data visualization for business users and introduces its latest exciting features.

Take the Data Viewer for a quick spin below:

User-Friendly for Business Professionals

The era of complex, time-consuming data visualization that demanded advanced technical expertise is over. Our Data Viewer web part simplifies the process for business professionals using SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. It allows users to create data visualizations from SharePoint lists or external data sources without coding or extensive technical knowledge, making it easily accessible across the organization.

Effortless Integration with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

The Data Viewer web part offers smooth integration with SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, enabling users to embed dynamic data visualization directly into their SharePoint sites or Teams channels. This seamless integration ensures that data visualizations are readily available in the collaboration spaces, promoting better decision-making and fostering a data-driven work environment.


Viva Connections Card View

One of the most significant updates is the Viva Connections card view. The Data Viewer now leverages the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx) 1.19 chart card experience, enabling users to create data visualization cards based on a chosen Data Viewer web part instance. This feature enhances the user experience by providing an easy, interactive, visually appealing way to display data. This and more Lightning Tools product features are also discussed in the Viva Connections Partner Showcase.

The Data Viewer now leverages the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx) 1.19 chart card experience, enabling users to create data visualization cards based on a chosen Data Viewer web part instance.

Grouping and Linking

Users can now group their roll-up results based on selected columns. This new functionality allows for better organization and analysis of data. Additionally, linkable columns have been introduced, enabling users to link to items straight from the roll-up results directly. This feature improves navigation and accessibility, making it easier to access detailed information.

Inline Editing

Another exciting enhancement is the introduction of inline editing. Users can now view and edit an item directly from the rollup without visiting the source list itself. This feature streamlines the data management process, saving time and improving efficiency.

Folder Content in Libraries

Previously, items within folders were not included in the rollup if the source was a library. This has been changed, and folder content is now included in the rollup, providing a more comprehensive view of library data stored.


  • When the input type is an integer, number, currency, or decimal, the number field ensures that only numerical values can be entered, preventing the insertion of strings.
  • Resolved a conflict with metadata column labelling when using the pie and donut chart.
  • Multiline text columns can now be displayed by either selecting a multiline option in the Display tab that enables it to be displayed in full or by hovering the cursor on the item to display the full content in a tooltip.

Register for our June 2024 webinar via the link below to see the Data Viewer in action!

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