Lightning Forms Designer Suite Update

We are delighted to announce the highly anticipated new version of the Lightning Forms Suite by Lightning Tools, a game-changing set of SharePoint list form design tools that revolutionizes data capture for businesses. Designed to streamline and enhance data collection processes through SharePoint lists, the Lightning Forms Suite offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that empower organizations to capture data with unparalleled efficiency. With this latest release, Lightning Tools has taken their innovative suite to new heights, introducing exciting enhancements and capabilities that will truly transform the way businesses collect information. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, the Lightning Forms Suite is poised to become your go-to solution for SharePoint list based form design.

The Lightning Forms Designer Suite comprises of three powerful tools, and an optional Form Migration tool provided by our partners Kudzu. The Lightning Forms Designer Suite includes:

  • Lightning Forms – A comprehensive form design tool that empowers SharePoint site owners to build powerful business forms based upon SharePoint lists.
  • Lightning List Actions – A powerful SharePoint list command bar action builder that enhances Microsoft SharePoint lists by enabling users to perform bulk operations, automate tasks, and improve productivity with ease.
  • Document Generator – The Lightning Tools document generator is a premium action that simplifies the creation and customization of dynamic Microsoft Word documents from SharePoint lists, empowering users to generate personalized, professional-quality documents for sharing, printing, or storing as records.
  • Kudzu Form Migrator – *The Kudzu Form Migrator is a highly efficient tool developed by Kudzu Software that simplifies the process of migrating forms and data from one platform to another. Whether you’re transitioning from an outdated form solution to a more modern one or simply seeking to consolidate your form data, the Kudzu Form Migrator streamlines the entire migration process. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, this tool ensures a seamless transfer of forms and their associated data, saving you significant time and effort. By eliminating the need for manual data entry or form recreation, the Kudzu Form Migrator maximizes productivity and minimizes the risk of errors, allowing businesses to quickly and accurately transition to a new form platform without any hassle.

*The Kudzu Form Migrator is an additional cost to the Lightning Forms Designer Suite

Every three to four months, we release a new version of each of our products inline with our product roadmap. This month, we are releasing a new version of Lightning Forms, Lightning List Actions, Document Generator, and Kudzu Form Migrator. You can read about the enhancements below, or sign up for our webinar hosted on Thursday 15th June 2023.

Lightning Forms

Lightning Forms includes the following new features:

Dynamic Placeholders within the Rich Text control

Dynamic placeholders enable form designers to reference fields or create calculations that display within the Rich Text control placed on a SharePoint list form. The dynamic placeholders could be used for any purpose, but displaying the current user, a status field value, or date would be a common use case. The below screenshots demonstrate how the approval status could be displayed in the Rich Text control:

Placeholder added to the Rich Text control in the design view of a form.

The result can be seen below when a SharePoint list item is opened. Note the Approval Status is displayed. In addition, conditional formatting has been applied to the row to display the row background in green if the Approval Status is set to true.

The Approval Status displayed within the edit form of a SharePoint list item.


Within Lightning Forms, you can add a Cross Site Data Lookup Column to look up from SharePoint lists or libraries that may be hosted by other sites or site collections. The enhanced lookup now allows multiple columns to be displayed from the source list, and in addition, allow the lookup to be searched by the user. The search is especially useful when your lookup list may contain hundreds or thousands of rows. In this case, CAML queries may also be built helping your lookup column to be a dynamic lookup perhaps based on user input in another column.

Multiple columns displayed within the lookup, with the search box allowing users to easily search the list.

SharePoint Calculated columns within Display Forms

Until now, if your SharePoint list contained SharePoint calculated columns, they couldn’t be displayed within the Lightning Forms display forms. This was frustrating for our customer base, and therefore we have rectified the issue. SharePoint based calculated columns can now be used within Display Forms!

Adding a SharePoint Calculated Column to a Display Form

Data Lookups support files and folders

In addition to lookups from SharePoint lists, SharePoint Libraries with files and folders can now be returned to the lookup column. In the below example, the file title along with sensitivity labels are returned.

Document Generator

The Document Generator is used as a Premium Action within Lightning Forms Action Builder, or Lightning List Actions. Placeholders are used that allow you to reference field values from specific SharePoint list items. The placeholders can be seen in the image below:

Word Document Template with placeholders from a SharePoint list item.

The following improvements have been made for the Document Generator within this build:

  • Fixed <ViewFields> parameter in CAML query for multiple items configuration in ‘Generate document’ action
  • Fixed evaluating placeholders in the Footnote and Endnote of the document template in ‘Generate document’ action
  • Fixed generating document with a single quote in the file name
  • Fixed storing generated documents to the SharePoint folder with special symbols in the name (i.e. “&”)

Kudzu Forms Migrator

The Kudzu Forms migrator helps you to seamlessly migrate InfoPath, PDF, Word, and other form types to SharePoint Lists powered by Lightning Forms. However, you may have a new idea for a form that didn’t exist before within your organization. It can be tiring creating custom lists, creating columns with the correct field types, and then building a powerful form. So, now, Kudzu Bot will take your idea and run with it! Simply describe in words the type of form you’d like to create, and the Kudzu Bot will generate the form for you!

Once the form is created within Kudzu, you’ll have the chance to change the field types, and reimagine the form prior to publishing it to SharePoint.


In their latest blog post, Lightning Tools unveils the exciting updates to their innovative product, the Lightning Forms Designer Suite. This comprehensive suite empowers organizations to revolutionize their data capture processes with enhanced features and functionalities. The update introduces a range of powerful enhancements, including an improved user interface, enhanced drag-and-drop capabilities, expanded field options, and advanced validation settings. With these updates, users can create and customize electronic forms effortlessly, ensuring seamless data capture and streamlining workflows. The blog post provides a detailed overview of the updates and their impact on businesses, highlighting how the Lightning Forms Designer Suite continues to deliver a cutting-edge solution for efficient data capture and management.

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