Mastering SharePoint Form Design – Multiple Product Updates

Mastering SharePoint Form Design – Multiple Product Updates

Welcome to the realm of Microsoft SharePoint Form Design with Lightning Tools. We offer a practical suite of tools tailored for efficiency and enhanced productivity. Our suite of independent form design tools seamlessly integrates into your SharePoint environment, simplifying form creation for your business requirements.

Let’s kick off with Kudzu Form Migrator, a versatile tool that effortlessly migrates existing legacy forms (InfoPath, PDF, Word, Excel, and more) into dynamic SharePoint-based forms. No fuss—just a straightforward process. Plus, the Kudzu Bot copilot feature makes creating powerful SharePoint forms, from Purchase Orders to Expense Claims, as easy as typing an instruction.

At the core of our toolkit is Lightning Forms, your essential SharePoint form designer. Dive into a streamlined experience for constructing modern, responsive forms with advanced features like calculations, actions, improved layouts, styling, and sublists.

Moving forward, Lightning Tools Actions revolutionizes form automation by allowing you to build logic into the SharePoint list command bar and now also Actions on SharePoint pages. Experience the convenience of simultaneous updates across multiple SharePoint items, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

SharePoint List Action Builder - Lightning Tools Actions

To round it off, our Document Generator, available within Lightning Forms or Lightning Tools Actions, lets you seamlessly transform SharePoint-based forms into Word Documents. Share externally, store as records, or refine layouts for printing—simple and practical.

In this blog post, we explore these tools, providing an overview of their features and introducing new updates.

Kudzu Form Migrator – Migrate Legacy Forms into SharePoint Forms

Kudzu Forms Migrator is your go-to solution for effortlessly transitioning legacy forms, including InfoPath, Word-based forms, Excel forms, and PDF forms, into modern, responsive SharePoint forms. With InfoPath’s imminent retirement, Kudzu Forms Migrator ensures a seamless migration, not only of form designs but also of form content.

This tool goes beyond migration by providing you with the flexibility to re-imagine your forms. Whether you want to add additional fields, change layouts, or modify behavior, Kudzu Forms Migrator gives you the freedom to tailor your forms to meet evolving requirements prior to publishing.

The process is straightforward: design or redesign your forms, and when you’re ready, seamlessly publish them to your SharePoint environment. Kudzu takes care of the heavy lifting, handling the provisioning of SharePoint lists along with design and logic implementation.

But that’s not all—meet your form design copilot, the Kudzu Bot. With this innovative feature, you can build brand-new forms with just a single human instruction. Gain inspiration and save time and effort by allowing the Kudzu Bot to handle the creation of SharePoint lists, fields, and form designs, streamlining the form-building process.

Lightning Forms – SharePoint Form Designer

Lightning Forms is a practical form design tool designed for Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online. It seamlessly integrates within SharePoint, allowing users to build forms with logic, improved layouts, and styling right within the platform.

This tool offers a straightforward approach to revamping standard SharePoint list forms like New, Edit, and Display. Users can easily adjust form sizes, introducing tabs and multiple columns for a more organized layout.

Lightning Forms prioritizes flexibility. Users can hide fields based on conditions, implement logic using the Expression Builder, and create Action Buttons with the Action Builder, enhancing form interactivity.

The tool also provides styling options, allowing users to apply conditional formatting for better visual cues in decision-making. Lightning Forms is a practical solution for users looking to enhance their SharePoint form experience, whether they’re working in an On-Premises or Online environment.

What’s new in Lightning Forms?

In the latest update of Lightning Forms, two key features take the spotlight, bringing enhanced functionality and flexibility to the forefront.

1. Version Management for Form Design (ALM): Lightning Forms now introduces version management for form design, adopting Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) principles. This means users can effectively manage and track changes to form designs over time. The version management feature allows for a systematic approach to form evolution, providing a clear record of modifications, updates, and enhancements. With this addition, users can confidently iterate on form designs, ensuring a streamlined and traceable development process.

2. Support for Content Types: The new Lightning Forms update includes support for Content Types, a significant enhancement that caters to lists with multiple content types. This feature enables users to have different layouts and fields based on the selected content type. This versatility is particularly beneficial for organizations dealing with diverse data structures within the same SharePoint list. Now, users can customize forms to match the unique requirements of each content type, optimizing data entry and user experience. Whether it’s tailoring forms for distinct projects, document types, or data categories, Lightning Forms with Content Types support brings a new level of adaptability to SharePoint users.

Lightning Forms Content Type Support

These updates in Lightning Forms underscore a commitment to improving form design management and providing users with the tools they need to adapt forms to diverse data scenarios within SharePoint, fostering a more agile and responsive user experience.

Lightning Tools Actions – List Command Bar Actions and SharePoint Page Action Buttons

Lightning List Actions has undergone a transformation into Lightning Tools Actions. This Action Builder now extends its functionality to include action buttons embedded as web parts on SharePoint pages. Users can define a series of actions behind these buttons, ranging from basic operations like ‘Update Item’ to more complex tasks such as ‘Send Email.’ The builder supports conditional actions and loop arrays for added flexibility.

Lightning Tools Actions - Action Builder

Notably, Lightning Tools Actions is not limited to the SharePoint list command bar; it now enables actions directly from web parts on SharePoint pages. This extension enhances efficiency, allowing for quick batch operations, like opening commonly used forms.

Actions on Pages - Lightning Tools Actions

The practical use cases of list actions are evident, especially when repetitive tasks involve multiple items.

Document Generator – Generate Word Documents

Lightning Tools Document Generator is a practical tool designed to simplify the process of transforming SharePoint-based forms into Word Documents. This functionality is valuable for various scenarios, such as sharing information externally, archiving records, or improving document layout for printing.

Key features of Lightning Tools Document Generator include:

  1. Seamless Integration: The tool seamlessly integrates with Lightning Forms and Lightning Tools Actions, providing users with a cohesive solution within the SharePoint environment.
  2. Transform SharePoint Forms to Word Documents: Lightning Tools Document Generator allows users to convert SharePoint-based forms into Word Documents effortlessly. This conversion preserves the structure and content of the form in a format that is widely accessible.
  3. External Sharing and Record Storage: The generated Word Documents can be easily shared externally, making it convenient for collaboration beyond the SharePoint environment. Additionally, the documents can serve as records, contributing to effective data management and compliance.
  4. Improved Document Layout: Users can enhance the layout of the Word Documents to better suit their needs. This feature is particularly useful when preparing documents for print or when a more polished presentation is required.

Join our Lightning Forms Suite Webinar

On the 13th and the 14th of December, we’ll be presenting the entire Lightning Forms suite comprising of Kudzu Form Migration, Lightning Forms form designer, Lightning Tools Actions, and The Document Generator. Reserve your place and have the opportunity to learn and ask questions from your presenter; Brett Lonsdale (Lightning Tools Founder and Microsoft 365 Apps and Services MVP).

What to expect:

  • In-Depth Demos of Lightning Forms: Elevate your SharePoint form design experience.
  • Explore Kudzu Forms Migrator: Seamless migration for legacy forms into SharePoint.
  • Unveiling Lightning Tools Actions: Master the Action Builder for SharePoint lists and web parts.
  • Dive into Lightning Tools Document Generator: Transform SharePoint forms into Word Documents effortlessly.
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