Announcing Our Strategic Partnership: Conartia and Lightning Tools

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of a strategic partnership between Conartia, a premier Microsoft 365 specialist committed to driving digital transformation for its clients, and Lightning Tools, a leader in creating innovative tools that enhance the functionality and productivity of Microsoft platforms. This collaboration is poised to bring forward a new era of digital solutions and services for businesses worldwide.

A Union of Expertise and Innovation

Conartia, with its deep expertise in leveraging Microsoft 365 for digital transformation, and Lightning Tools, known for its suite of products that improve and extend the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, are joining forces to deliver comprehensive solutions that address the complex challenges faced by businesses in today’s digital landscape.

What This Partnership Means for Businesses

Through this partnership, Conartia will be offering an expanded portfolio of Lightning Tools products, including:

  • DeliverPoint: Offers powerful SharePoint permissions management, making it easier for administrators and site owners to manage and audit permissions across their environments.
  • Lightning Conductor: A versatile SharePoint tool that aggregates data from across SharePoint sites, Microsoft 365 Graph, External Data Connectors, and Search, simplifying content management and improving accessibility.
  • Social Squared: Enhances Microsoft SharePoint and Teams with forum-based discussions, fostering better communication and collaboration within organizations.
  • Lightning Forms: Allows for the easy creation and management of custom forms in SharePoint, streamlining data entry and collection.
  • Data Viewer: Provides a dynamic way to display and interact with external data within SharePoint, enhancing decision-making processes.

This selection of tools from Lightning Tools, combined with Conartia’s expertise in digital transformation through Microsoft 365, means businesses can expect:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: With advanced tools that streamline operations, manage permissions, and foster collaboration, businesses can operate more efficiently and productively.
  • Customized Digital Transformation Strategies: Leveraging Conartia’s deep understanding of Microsoft 365, businesses can undergo digital transformation that is tailored to their specific needs and challenges.
  • Robust Support and Training: The partnership ensures that clients receive comprehensive support and training, maximizing the benefits of both Conartia’s services and Lightning Tools’ products.

Forward Together

This partnership represents our commitment to providing businesses with the tools and expertise they need to thrive in a digital-first world. By combining Conartia’s strategic approach to digital transformation with the innovative solutions from Lightning Tools, we are setting a new standard for excellence in digital solutions for businesses.

We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings to our clients and the industry at large. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out new initiatives and continue to redefine what’s possible in digital transformation.

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