Configuring Moderators in Social Squared using SharePoint or Microsoft Teams

In this video, we learn as SharePoint Site Owners or Microsoft Teams Owners how to configure moderators in Social Squared Forums. We explore the options to refine the moderation feature, and how to moderate posts as a moderator.

Configuring Moderators

Moderators can be configured at the time you create a forum, or after the forum is created. A moderator is a subject matter expert who has the required permissions to remove posts and topics, edit posts and topics, move topics, mark posts as the answer or featured, and approve topics. You can define multiple moderators per forum, if required.

To set a moderator:

  1. Click the Ellipses in the top left corner of Social Squared.
  2. In the right-hand side panel, click View Forums.
  3. Click Edit next to the Forum that you wish to assign the moderator to.
  4. Add moderator(s) using the Moderators field.
  5. Refine the options which are described below:
  • Enable additional moderators who are not picked by People Picker.
  • Allow users to create topics and post messages while the forum is under moderation (enabled by default). (Moderators will have to approve new topics and posts before they are displayed to all users if this is turned off)
  • Allow only Admins and Moderators to create new Topics (Only moderators or administrators can create topics for discussion. This is ideal for the education sector where teachers could be the only people allowed to add new topics).

Guest users should be available in the People Picker. This option was added to address some rare cases where a person’s SP login email address doesn’t match their AD email address. So if you select a moderator who then can’t see the Moderator options, it might be the case that their SP login email must be entered here. In the event of this rare case, you might need to use this option.

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