Creating Topics, Replying to Topics, and Marking as Answered with Social Squared in Microsoft Teams

Within this video, as a Microsoft Teams Member (User), we’ll create a new topic and learn how to embed code, videos and images into a post. We’ll learn how to tag the post so that it can be found more easily. We’ll also look at how to mark replies as answered, navigate using tags, and also how to search for posts.

Steps for creating discussion topics

  1. Navigate to your Social Squared app and click on the Forum under which you want to create a new discussion Topic.
  1. Select Add New Topic.
  1. In the Subject field, enter the topic for your discussion. In the example in the above video, the subject asks users to provide an answer to a computer programming problem.
  2. Add content to the Message field, such as expanding further on the Subject. This can include Rich Text content by using the options along the top of the Message field, such as tables, code boxes, and inserting images/videos, to name a few.
  3. Below the Message field, you can optionally add Tags to help users find the topics more easily.
  4. Click Add to create the Topic. Once the topic is created, you can go back into the topic and attach files if necessary.

Steps for Replying to dAiscussion topics

  1. Navigate to the Social Squared Forum and select the relevant Discussion Topic.
  2. At the bottom of the topic, click on Reply. This will display the Reply form with the current Topic Subject already included.
  1. Fill in the answer in the Message field. As seen in the Topic form, the Message field is a Rich Text Editor.
  2. Add any relevant Tags if necessary, and click Reply. The Reply will appear in the Topic thread.

providing feedback

Marking posts as answered

When Discussion Topics pose questions, it may be relevant to mark any replies as having answered the specific Topic in order for other users to know that the Topic has already been answered. To do this, first navigate to the relevant Discussion Topic.

On the relevant Reply, click on the Answered button at the bottom of the Reply. Only the original poster, moderator, or administrator can mark a Reply as answered.

Marking a reply as answered will display a circular green checkmark icon, providing a visual icon that makes it easier to identify the post as answered.

Providing feedback to other forum users

A user can Like a post and/or Rate a post to provide feedback to the author of the post, as well as other team members viewing the thread. Navigate to the relevant Discussion Topic and within the Reply, click on the Heart icon in the upper right to Like the post, and/or click on the Thumb icons to Vote the post Up or Down.

A user can also mark a post as Favorite by clicking the Star icon in the upper right corner of the post.

Social Squared can then be filtered to show only posts that a user has marked as a favorite by clicking on the Favorites icon in the vertical navigation on the left.

mark as featured

When Discussion Topics don’t pose a question that requires one specific answer, or perhaps aren’t a question at all, the original poster, moderator, or administrator can mark a post as Featured. This allows other Forum users to see that the reply is thought to be good. In some cases, there may be multiple good replies, allowing for more than one Featured post.

To mark a post as Featured, click on the Featured link in the bottom right corner of the post.

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