Social Squared Subscriptions & Notifications

In Social Squared, users and groups can be subscribed to the content to get notifications when new posts and replies are made.

You can subscribe to Forum Groups, Forums, Topics, Posts, and an Email Digest feature. The email digest feature requires some configuration in Power Platform. It uses the SharePoint and Outlook connectors, which don’t need a premium Power Automate license. Refer to this article for more instructions on enabling digest emails for Social Squared in SharePoint Online.

Users and groups can be subscribed to a forum so that they are notified of any new topics being created within a specific forum. This is useful if you are a subject matter expert and wish to be notified of any new posts or questions to which you can provide answers or feedback. It is also possible to subscribe to a topic.

Subscriptions are helpful when someone has posted a question and you are interested in learning the responses. You will be notified each time a user responds. You can also subscribe to a response that you make to a post.

The notifications are in email or Teams. To turn email and Teams channel notifications on, navigate to the Social Squared Settings. You can also decide to receive notifications when posts are edited.

Notifications are sent in the poster’s local language, but in instances where English is preferred, English Notifications Only can also be set.

Users can also subscribe to an entire forum group (essentially a bucket of similar forums).

When a user subscribes to Social Squared content, they will receive an email containing a Microsoft Adaptive Card. This adaptive card has links to the Forum Group > Forum > Topic in that order. A Reply link in the card will take the user to the appropriate Social Squared topic for a response.

In the Teams channel Posts tab, they receive a similar card with the option of messaging the poster within Teams.

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