Lightning Forms and Lightning List Actions Webinar

In this webinar, Brett Lonsdale (co-founder of Lightning Tools and Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP) introduces Lightning Forms for SharePoint List Form customization, and also announces the new Lightning List Actions. During the webinar, we turn ordinary SharePoint Lists into a Leave Booking Solution incorporating Tabbed responsive layouts, Sublists, Custom Actions, Styling, Conditional Formatting, and powerful calculations. We then demonstrate how you can now use List Actions within SharePoint list views to easy build a series of actions to run against selected items.

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George L. Arnold
30th May 2021 at 7:10 pm

Excellent webinar by Brett. LT Forms is a remarkable tool. It is well worth your time to build your Content Types, and then deploy LT Forms to manage and display your metadata. LT Forms offers major enhancements over what you get with SP Online out-of-the-box. SP Online are far better platform with LT Forms.

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