Adding Social Squared to Microsoft Teams

In this video, we look at how to add Social Squared to Microsoft Teams. The first time that you add Social Squared to Microsoft Teams, the lists and libraries are created as the repository for the Social Squared App. In the next video, we explore how to create your Forum Groups and Forums.

Adding Social Squared

If you are reading this, you have already added Social Squared to your Team! However, hopefully this section will provide you with some insights, tips, and tricks on adding Social Squared.

Social Squared can be added to any Team Channel as a Tab, as a Personal App, or on a Modern SharePoint page including the underlying SharePoint site for the Team that you are in.

To add Social Squared:

  1. Add a new tab to your Teams Channel by clicking the + icon.
  2. On the Add a tab dialog box, either navigate to or search for Social Squared.
  3. Click Save to finish adding the Social Squared Tab.
  • The first time you add Social Squared to a Team, it will create some hidden lists within the underlying SharePoint site. These lists store the content and configuration of Social Squared. Please be patient while these lists are generated! If Social Squared already exists within the SharePoint Site, Social Squared will be added with the configuration form the SharePoint site.
  • Once the lists have finished installing, you can begin to configure Social Squared. Before we do, let’s discuss some ideas around the structure of the Forum Groups and Forums in the next section.
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